What we have to offer ?

These conferences can be seen as an opportunity to build viable leadership and interactive qualities by encouraging debate, consensus-building, conflict resolution in a safe and structured environment.

Conducting MUN conference

We conduct Model UN Conferences for your institution. These conferences require high amount of experience and we believe we have all the requirements to conduct a successful conference. Further on, we have bifurcations in this section. To know more, Contact Us

Training Sessions + Mock MUN

This is particularly designed for institutions with sky-high visions and logistical dearth. 

Training sessions

We offer training sessions as well. These sessions may vary from a tenure of 1-Day, 2-Day or 3-Day.

Venue INcentives

Institutions which are logistically fortunate and does not want to conduct Model UN Conferences under their banner may choose to avail this service. 

what we do

We make sure of your smile

At the end of the day, we believe, that everyone should have something to take back home with smiles on their faces and that is what we do.

 We offer extensive and comprehensive training sessions for MUNs. Apart from training, we also offer advisory services for educational institutions that require assistance in organising, planning and branding their conference, but with smiles on all the faces.

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